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Know your Artist -TS Sullivant

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Thomas Starling Sullivant (1854 –1926) was an American Cartoonist who has been a major influence on cartoonists over the years. Sullivant studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and his early influence was the work of illustrator A.B. Frost. Frost was impressed by Sullivant’s work and recommended him to Puck magazine. At the age of 32, Sullivant’s first published cartoons appeared in Truth magazine. He was later signed up by Life magazine, where his work got recognition.

Sullivant had an excellent understanding of anatomy and drew expressive animals with personality. He was one of first cartoonists to draw anthropomorphic animals. He mainly used pen and ink and used the technique of cross hatching to give his drawing a solid feeling and effectively depict lighting in a scene.. His work has been a major influence on Disney artists over the years, mainly Joe Grant, Andreas Deja and Nancy Beiman.

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