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Know your Artist – Ed Benedict

Ed Benedict (1912-2006) was an American Character Designer, Animator and Layout artist whose work influenced animation produced for television. Benedict started his career at Disney in 1930 and would then move to Universal.

In the 1950’s Benedict joined MGM and worked with the legendary animation director Tex Avery as a layout artist and character designer. Notable was his work on the Deputy Droopy theatrical shorts.

In the late 50’s he worked with Hanna Barbera to create character designs for the The Ruff and Ready Show, he would later design very popular characters for television shows Yogi Bear, the Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw.

Benedict’s designs look simple but each of his characters displays a unique personality encapsulating charm and warmth. He was truly one of the greats of animation’s Golden Age.

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